Spartan Arms is a specialist firearms store in Edenvale, Johannesburg.

Looking to buy a sporting gun, hunting rifle or a firearm for self defense? Spartan Arms stocks and supports the most prestigious weapon brands worldwide – if we don’t have it we can order it through our USA partners.

More than a gun store – We understand the path to gun ownership here in South Africa. From choosing a weapon, to obtaining your gun license, to becoming a relaxed and confident marksman in our indoor shooting range, Spartan Arms has you covered.

Gun ownership is a lifestyle choice,

Our professional staff and shooting club members are passionate about their sport, their choices and their lifestyle. They are always available to assist both novice and veteran gun owners alike. Whether carrying a weapon is a career requirement or a weekend lifestyle choice Spartan Arms has what you need to make the experience both responsible and enjoyable.

"I want to shoot but don't own a firearm and am not licensed to own one"



We offer Dedicated and Occasional Club Membership options. Join us.


All the overall and stages results from our club events