Booking a Proficiency

Training material can be acquired instore; you will be required to book out the training material and sign for the material. There are open book (formative) examinations included within the issued material. The amounts can vary as to how many unit standards you wish to do. This is dependent on your wants and needs.

Basic Handgun proficiency is R1600 – (U/S 117705 Knowledge of the Firearms Control Act (60 of 2000) and 119649 Handle and Use a Handgun)

To do all 5 unit standards is a combo price of R3500 – (U/S 117705, 119649, 119650, 119651, 119652) Handgun, Shotgun, Manually Operated Rifle and Semi-Automatic Rifle or Carbine.


You are to complete the open book (formative) examinations included within the issued material within a given time frame. Once completed, contact your trainer at Spartan Arms International and arrange to come and do your closed book (summative) examinations and practical test on the range on a Wednesday at 08H30 (should you not be able to attend a class during the week, please arrange a week in advance with us if you would like to do this another day).

Please bring two certified copies of your ID. Assuming you pass the prescribed tests, you will then be issued (within two working days) a Training Certificate and PFTC Statement of Results which can be used to apply at your nearest SAPS along with an SAPS 517 application for Firearm Competency.