Canik Mete SFT Pro

METE SFT PRO has the superior technology and new features of the new METE series. The beavertail, whose ergonomics has been increased with the renewed frame design of the new METE series, allows you to grip the gun more comfortably, while the trigger guard allows your support hand to grip it very well. One of the features brought by the new design of the pistol is the “Fit and Lock” feature that makes it easier to lock the holster. Therefore, the new METE series can be used more effectively with appropriately designed holster. Another noticeable feature of the new frame design is that it has a completely modular frame design. In addition, the pistol can be easily disassemble without the need for any extra materials other than the Canik punch that comes with your pistol. This practical and useful feature is provided by the new design of the 36 mm double-sided slide holder. The new frame design with a self-flared mag well allows the shooter to change the magazine faster split time makes a difference. The legendary Canik trigger is available in a polymer with 90⁰ break. Like all METE series pistols, the METE SFT PRO is equipped with an angled sight that makes it easy to racking your pistol with one hand in an emergency situation. This sight also has a design that can be used with optics. New optics-ready slide accepts all micro-optics especially Trijicon RMRcc. METE SFT PRO uses a sight set consisting of a tritium front sight and blacked out rear sight has a 146 mm (5.00 inch) threaded barrel with thread protector cap.

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