Cobalt Kinetics Edge

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Construction – The BAMF EDGE exploits all of Cobalt’s unique design influence. Our billet rifle stock adds balance, stability, and improves handling characteristics of the rifle. The receivers, handguard and stock are machined in-house from 7075 aluminium and serialized together to ensure quality.

Controls – Cobalt’s patented DUAL DROP adds new functionality to the AR-15 platform. The system allows the shooter to trip the bolt release with a thumb after a mag change while keeping the weapon on target. The magazine, selector controls, and charge handle are fully ambidextrous. The trigger is an enhanced single stage unit which offers light, crisp performance.

Operating System – A premium M-16 bolt group with nickel-boron coating guarantees reliability in adverse and extreme conditions. Our adjustable gas block is uniquely engineered to allow for precise, dependable operation.

Barrel – 4150 CMV steel is treated with a lithium-iron surface conversion to add strength, rigidity, and resistance to heat and erosion. The barrel’s contour has been carefully designed to increase inherent long term accuracy and overall balance. Standard chambering is 223 Wylde and features a 1-8″ twist 5-R rifling profile.