Saiga 12C

The Saiga-12C EXP-01 shotgun has similarities to the AK assault rifle in its layout. The shotgun has the minimal number of parts and can be easily assembled and dismantled. All that, makes the gun easy to operate and maintain and facilitates the training of shooters. High reliability and safety of the gun under any conditions are achieved with the use of the assemblies analogous to those in AK assault rifles. Shock-absorbing butt back plate and ergonomic plastic grip provide for safe operation of the gun and enhance handling convenience. Gas regulator makes possible to adjust the rifle to the cartridges of different power.

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The 8-round detachable box magazine provides high battle preparedness and in combination with the manual bolt hold-open device increases the combat rate of fire. The Saiga-12C EXP-01 shotgun may be equipped with the side mounting rail, which accommodates a wide range of optoelectronic scopes. The iron sight is worked out as a sighting rail and allows vertical and horizontal adjustment. Different types of muzzle adapters and barrel extenders can be fitted on the threaded muzzle. Protective coatings ensure excellent corrosion resistance of metal parts under any service conditions.