Saiga AK 19

The AK-19 is a Russian assault rifle. It was designed by Kalashnikov Concern.
It is a modified and re-chambered version of the AK-12.

The AK-19 has a diopter-type rear sight of new design. Such sight first emerged on the improved AK-12. Range settings are set by adjusting the knob. This weapon has a sighting range of 1 000 m. Though such setting is a bit too optimistic. Range of accurate fire is around 500 m. There is a full-length Picatinny-type scope rail for various optics.
There is an accessory rail on the foregrip. This weapon can mount various accessories, such as vertical grip, bipod, laser pointer, or tactical flashlight.

The AK-19 comes with a new muzzle brake. It was specially designed to mount a quick-detachable silencer. This weapon can also mount a knife-bayonet, or under barrel grenade launcher.

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