Sword Internatinal MK-17 Mod 1 Gungnir

The MK-17 Mod 1 Gungnir is a ballistic upgrade of SWORDS Tyrant 22 7.62×51 platform.

The Gungnir is chambered in the very capable 6.5 Creedmoor, coupled with a 20″ 1:8 twist barrel assembly the end user will experience, double hit probability at 1000 meters, 33% increase in effective range, 30% increase in energy on target, 40% decrease in wind effect, and a decrease in recoil.


SWORD increased the length of our operating system to delay unlocking and increase accuracy. The Mk-17 Gungnir employs the same ergonomic control features that make the MK-17 T

The Gungnir provides the end user with a light weight, accurate, reliable answer for a medium range shooter requirement.yrant 22 such a formidable weapons system.