Sword International PURG (not that Purge)

S.W.O.R.D. Defense MK-15 MOD1 PURG-E
11.5” Cold Hammer Forged
5.56 x 45

Here are the enhanced features we’re told come with the PURG-E:
A driving band ride surface and lubrication groove to minimize the flex seen with a standard ring style bolt configuration.
A newly designed, incredibly durable ultra-lightweight bolt carrier that substantially reduces unlocking and recoil impulse.
Enhanced materials used in carrier, bolt, and operating system to increase strength and reliability.
Proprietary enhanced gas piston system to allow for use of traditional rounds and M855A.

Accessories not included!

We got it in for the first time in South Africa. Quick review! Gas piston rifle, we take a look at the parts, craftsmanship and quality of this elite rifle.

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Will be available in
Olive green