Winchester SX4

Winchester® shooter Raniero Testa broke new physical barriers in 2017, shooting 13 clays in 1.6 seconds with his SX4™. To celebrate this world record, a special edition, magnum-chambered SX4™ with an 11-shell tube magazine was created. Its nickel-finished receiver and tube magazine strike a wonderful contrast with the composite stock and fore-end. This magnificent gun bears the name of Raniero Testa and includes five Invector-Plus™ chokes.

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Calibre: 12-76
Barrel length (mm-inch): 762-30
Chokes: Invector Plus : 3/4 (IM), 1/2 (MOD), 1/4 (IC)
Top rib: 6 mm
Wood grade: Black Composite
Stock style: Pistol stock
Length: 362mm
Drop at heel: 51 mm
Forearm: Hunting
Barrel finish: Blued Matte Finish
Wood: Composite
Notes: Gunlock, choke key, buttstock spacer, swivels
Sights: Fibre optic
Packaging: ABS Case