Shooting Range


Here are some common questions about the shooting range.

Yes, the rental guns may be used even if you are not a gun license holder as long as a range officer is present.
Yes you can use any of the firearms or other firearm owner’s guns. Must be under supervision of the range officer or if the license holder is present with the Range officer he can supervise.
There is no age limit according to the FIREARMS CONTROL ACT, 2000. Youngsters have to be under the direct supervision of the license holder or Range officer, instructor or trainer.
The range is 25m in length, about 10m wide with a big viewing window behind the shootings bays.
There are 5 fully automated bays in the range. The range can accommodate up to 20 people at a time but with 5 people shooting and the rest observing from within the range (space to talk and observe the other shooters).
The range has 5 shooting bays each with a counter top, target controls and sound proofing. The entire range has rubber floors which makes brass retrieval easy. Good lighting with additional spotlights can be activated for club shoots. We also offer storage lockers and a Range Officer’s Station where guns can be rented. A first aid station is available. Double doors between the shop, safety area and range ensures that all 3 areas can be used without compromising the other. The facility has 2 massive 1.5m extraction fans which each extract up to 1500L of air a minute.
The range caters for all types of firearms with the exception of any black powder firearms. No other weapons like swords or crossbows etc.
Yes the range complies with all NRCS (National Regulatory Of Compulsory Specifications) standards. A clean elegant range design with safety in mind will meet and surpass some of the international standards.
Membership is not required although it does make the range cheaper to use in the long run.
Shooters can just arrive at the range without prior notice. Although events like team building and year end functions for example needs to be booked in advance.