CZ P07 9MM

The CZ P-07 is a polymer compact pistol, designed primarily as a service weapon and for concealed carry.
The new surface finish of the slide, barrel and some other components increases the resistance of the weapon to mechanical damage as well as to corrosion.
The new material of the frame is glass fiber-reinforced polymer, ensuring dimensional stability as well as a resistance to rough handling.
The exchangeable backstraps enables the user to adapt to the ergonomics and their needs.
They are available in three sizes – S, M, L, and are a part of the standard package.
The weapon is rounded overall, with all sharp edges removed.
Front serrations are added on the slide for better gun handling.
The magazine capacity is 15 rounds in the 9MM caliber
Retained is the well-proven Omega trigger mechanism, which allows, besides other advantages, an easy selection of the safety features of the weapon – choosing either a manual safety or decoking.
The safety levers are ambidextrous.
Every single weapon is factory-zeroed to 15 meters

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