JP Enterprises JP-5

The JP-5™ All Purpose Carbine is a well-rounded pistol caliber carbine (PCC) option for any application. With a low-profile Teflon® barrel and our tactical compensator, this rifle is equally at home anywhere from recreation to tactical to high-speed PCC competition. Our unmatched JP build quality combined with the roller-delay JP-5™’s 9mm Glock magazine platform means superb performance with one of the most affordable, widely-available ammunition choices there is.

JP Enterprises has pushed PCC design to the edge with the state-of-the-art JP-5™. This 9mm carbine combines every advantage of its predecessor with the legendary function of the H&K MP5. The result is a PCC that is all things to all shooters.
In addition to a lighter overall weight, the roller-delayed operating system of the JP-5™ replicates the supreme recoil management of the MP5. The result is a soft-shooting carbine with radically faster sight recovery and target indexing. As Team JP shooter Josh Froelich puts it, \”The JP-5™ shoots like a .223 not a 9mm carbine.\” Combined with the unparalleled reliability our PCCs are known for, the JP-5™ is sure to be the go-to platform for competition, law enforcement and recreation.
Utilizing standard Glock 9mm magazines, the JP-5™ lower receiver features ambi-controls and maintains signature AR-15 ergonomics and height-over-bore. The operating system also accepts most MP5 aftermarket components. The JP-5™ is tunable in both the Silent Captured Spring buffer system and lock piece to accommodate suppressed use as well as varying barrel length and ammunition.
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Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 14.5″ Supermatch™ | light contour | 1:10 twist
Barrel Finish: Black Teflon® | pin/weld to 16″
Receiver: Machined billet JP-5™ G940 receiver set
Receiver Finish: Matte Black
Muzzle Device: JP Tactical Compensator
Operating System: Roller delay BCG with JP 9mm Silent Captured Spring
Trigger: JP Enhanced Reliability Fire Control Package with a weight of 3.5-4.0 lbs.
Charging Handle: Radian Raptor top-charge handle
Grip: Hogue pistol grip
Handguard: MK III Rapid Configuration | Rifle (12.5\” OAL)
Stock: Hogue Overmolded Carbine
Magazine: (1) 10-rd Glock magazine
Length: 31.25 in.
Weight: 6.0 lbs.